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Illustrated Mudist Illustreeritud Mudist
Illustrated Mudist

Compiler: Peeter Mudist
Design: Peeter and Leelo Laurits
Tallinn, Hilana OÜ, 2003

Peeter Mudist (1942) is one of the most significant and original artists of the last decades. His allegorical and poetical-philosophical paintings, graphic sheets and sculptures have won various awards. A collection of essays, Knight's Move received the Cultural Endowment essay award last year. In january 2004 a two-volumed book about Mudist's work will be published in Estonian and English. It includes around 500 works with the accompanying texts written by the author himself. The book, which can be regarded as something between monograph, personal catalogue and fiction, is a colour printing, with the artist's bibliography and CV, plus a list of his works.

Alma Mater Tartuensis Alma Mater Tartuensis
Tartu Ülikool ja tema arhitekt Johann Wilhelm Krause
University of Tartu and its Architect Johann Wilhelm Krause

Juhan Maiste, Kadi Polli, Mariann Raisma
Design: Jüri Kaarma
Tallinn, Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2003

Alma mater is one of the supporting pillars of Estonian cultural history, an academic Mecca, the significance of which reaches far beyond Estonia. The six-columned main building of the University, the observatory, anatomical theatre and the library established in the ruins of the ancient cathedral have given Tartu the name of Athens of the Emajõgi River.
Johann Wilhelm Krause (1757-1828), professor of economy, technology and architecture, was one of the founders of the University. He was the one to receive the task to design the whole complex, the visual face of the new university. The book describes Johann Wilhelm Krause's biography, his ideas and creative work, and helps to understand why and how the university took shape in the early 19th century. The complex ranks among the most beautiful classicist architectural ensembles in North Europe.

Estonian Museums Eesti muuseumid.
Estonian Museums

Compiler: Mariann Raisma
Design: Marek Allvee
Tallinn, Eesti Muuseumiühing, 2003

Estonian Museums offers both textual and pictorial information about the two hundred museums in Estonia: the main information sources, opening hours, the year of foundation and the size of their collections; also a short description of the essence of a particular museum.
During the last ten years the whole field of museums has greatly changed, concerning their number, topics and concept. The 200 museums include big state institutions and small museums created on the initiative of a single individual, classical science-oriented museums and attractive educational centres. The book constitutes the most compact overview of Estonian museums today.
The book has parallel texts in Estonian and English.

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